Art Representatives

Thank you to our  Art representatives.  Mrs Hughes and Mrs Grant could not stop singing their praises as they were both were able to articulate what they have done this year and how the school promotes  Art.

Science Week

Each co-operative group created a volcano using salt dough. We then used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to replicate a volcanic eruption.We looked closely at a variety of rocks to study their properties.

Sports Day

Year 3 had an amazing time at Beechcroft. Well done to all the children who really challenged themselves despite the sweltering sun.

Addition and subtraction – consolidation

Can you fill in the missing boxes in those calculations using a bar model.

Remember that the Whole is always the bar at the top !

Image result for addition and subtraction fact families bar model

Write the four number facts that this bar model shows.
300           240

Fact family
+                =
+                =
–                =
–                =


Problem solving

Flo and Jim are answering a problem:
Danny has read 62 pages of the class book, Jack has read 43. How many more
pages has Danny read than Jack?
Flo does the calculation 62 + 43. Jim does the calculation 62–43.
Who is correct?